Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trivia is good for you

Research! I've done it all my life - at school, at work, at home - for my books, for the articles, and the blog posts, and the speeches I now present. I am constantly researching and collecting varied and sometimes trivial, but always useful information. How about you? And because of the constant stream of minutiae that I collect, I've realized a brutal truth. My name is BJ and I'm a fact-aholic. I confess. I'm a trivia junkie. So I started this blog to share trivia and irresistible stories that I find forever fascinating and never trivial. Let me know your favorite trivia tidbits, too.

Health Trivia
This is really important. When using a public restroom, go to the first stall. After analyzing 51 public restrooms, researchers found that the stall closest to the restroom door consistently had the lowest bacteria levels. As well as the most toilet paper. The first stall probably sees less traffic because it’s near the door and most people think it's used the most so it would harbor the most bacteria and thus avoid it. When you’re finished, if you are seated, stand before you flush. A fine mist of water containing contagious bacteria sprays upward when a toilet is flushed. You could catch a number of intestinal bugs or hepatitis.

Did you know that honey has powerful antibacterial properties? Before you put a bandaid on that cut, dab a little honey on the wound to disinfect it. A recent study found that honey is capable of destroying almost all strains of common wound-infecting bacteria. Speaking of bees, did you know that aerodynamically, the little wings of the bee are much too tiny to support its heavier body. But the bee doesn't know this and flies anyway.

Food Trivia
You might think that farm-raised salmon are healthier for you but forego the rural fish. They are pumped bull of antibiotics and lower in nutritional value than their wild relatives, and get their beautiful color from dye. Wild salmon get their beautiful color from an antioxidant in krill, their natural food source.

You already know that it's best to take your vitamin supplement with food because food releases digestive enzymes necessary for complete vitamin absorption. Caution: Do not include iron with meals. Take it separately because food interferes with its absorption. Is that where the motto arose? Easy come, easy go? Sorry - I got carried away.

Just Trivia
Worms produce their body weight in waste every 24 hours. OMG! Can you imagine the sorry shape of this planet if humans did that?

Favorite very short anecdote department: George Bernard Shaw sent this note to his very good friend, Winston Churchill: "Here are two tickets to my new play. Bring a friend - if you have one." Winston returned the tickets with his own note: "Sorry, I'm unable to attend opening night. Please send me tickets for the second performance - if there is one."

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